Breakfast Taco: Eggs, Black Beans, and Salsa

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today’s post is the sister to yesterday’s, which was dedicated to Southwestern scrambled eggs with two salsas. To balance out that on-the-long-side post with its multiple steps, which said most of what I need to say about the flavor delights and nutrition of bringing Mexican flavors into your morning, today’s is simply a photo of another Southwestern-style breakfast option: the breakfast taco. Still made with a soft corn tortilla, black beans, and salsa verde (you can obviously use red salsa if you prefer), this one ditched the black bean/corn salsa and instead just included a few beans, scallions, and red peppers in the scramble itself to keep things a bit simpler (i.e., less time consuming). Truth be told, there would have been more veggies in the mix but what happened is I made the Southwestern scramble as a special dish for my husband and sort of ran out of most of the ingredients, so I just threw the remaining ones into a taco for myself. (Aren’t I a nice wife?) In other words, should you make this on your own try to make it even more nutritious by adding more colorful veggies and beans.

Not quite as involved as the scrambled egg dish, but a quicker version that’s still really, really good.



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