Holiday Purgatory: Is It 2012 Yet?

Friday, January 6, 2012

It’s official. Between my continued gift wrapping, just viewed holiday television specials, and still-decorated-for-the-holidays-home-despite-the-dead-tree I’m in holiday purgatory. I’m caught somewhere between sadness for how quickly the holidays go by, anxiety for all the 2011 tasks that remain undone, and anticipation for when 2012 will really begin for me. (I’m thinking January 10, in case you were wondering.)

Frankly, I blame my confused state in part on New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday, leading Monday to be a holiday as well. At that point, there were only four days left in the week and I used that time to catch up on sundry items remaining on my to do list from before Christmas. And take care of my sick husband by feeding him homemade soup (of course) while trying to get back into my regular gym schedule. (I was just out of town for a week, remember, doing such things as making eggnog for Christmas, conducting science experiments on with my nephew, and delivering soup to my sister.) I also had much planning to do for my theatre company’s annual fundraising gala, A Night at the Cabaret, coming up on January 21. For all of these reasons, this has been my slowest writing week in months. alas.

Sure, there were numerous work activities, meetings, appointments, and what not to readdress following university intersession. However, I’m chagrined to admit that I’m also talking about remaining holiday tasks here, the things other people generally accomplish before December 25. I have had a few packages to get into the mail for my siblings, for starters. This is, sadly, a minor improvement over previous years, when my brother in Alaska used to receive his gifts in February. I wish I were kidding. (This is why we send out new year’s cards rather than Christmas cards, by the way.)

There were also a few unwatched holiday programs on TiVo, including the Christmas Glee Extravaganza. Generally a Glee fan, the majority of the episodes this fall ran a bit too high on melodrama for my tastes along with – I can’t believe I’m saying this – too much musical theatre and definitely too much rockappella. The holiday show was highly enjoyable, though, celebrating the season with song and sentiment in a way that only musical theatre can – in my humble opinion. (Yes, I know it’s January 6 already but I just watched it last night and as I’ve already said: holiday purgatory.)

So what does all of this have to do with food, you ask, given the subject matter of this blog? Well, did I mention that our holiday dinner party is tomorrow? Actually, it’s also to celebrate the marriages of our close friends – er, in August, that was. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Anyway, I couldn’t let the week end without at least one post, even if just to check in and let you know that 2012 is going to be a big year for me, and I look forward to taking it by storm. There are so many things I want to share to bring solid nutrition science, sustainable eating, and outrageously delicious dishes to you and your family. I will of course be addressing that dreaded annual topic of new year’s resolutions on getting in shape and losing weight soon, among many other subjects. (In the meantime, check out my top ten tips on preventing holiday weight gain in case you missed that; the tips are still relevant.)

Therefore, I deem next week as the first official week of 2012 in Newby world, when I’ll return to my regular writing schedule. This new chapter of my life began in September, after all, and it’s time for phase two to begin: setting up a Facebook fan page, getting on Twitter, revamping my blog design, and getting more videos up here are at the top of the list.

In the meantime, I must get back to my holiday menu planning, shopping, and preparations for tomorrow’s dinner party. Pomegranates will feature prominently on the menu, in both a pitcher of pomegranate martinis and a salad of spinach, pomegranates, toasted walnuts, and chèvre. There will also be a cheese course involving Wensleydale cheese with fig jam and local honey, sweet and spicy pecans, and raisin crostini. As for the main course, well, you’ll just have to wait and hear about it, but bouillabaisse is looking likely…

Do feel free to leave a comment letting me know I’m not the only one having trouble jumping into 2012 with ardor and vigor this week.



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