A New Season, A New Chapter. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As everyone knows, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer.

To New Beginnings: In the Kitchen, and Beyond

Everyone also knows that with every ending comes a new beginning. Or, in my case, several new beginnings. As a professor at a university, it means the start of the academic year with its bright-eyed students and novel research projects. And, as a president of a theatre company, it means commencing the next season.  That said, the start of the academic year and theatre season is for me pretty much old hat: Been there, done that. If you are interested in either of those domains, you know you can visit my personal or company website.

Far more exciting for me is launching in earnest this new chapter of my life, which will focus on reaching larger audiences about Why What You Eat Matters – aka, my passions for food, nutrition, cooking, and health – through media. I say in earnest because I had hoped to move forward significantly on this endeavor over the summer. However, life got in the way, as it is wont to do when one has two other jobs!

In fact, it has long been my desire to write, which is why this blog was finally established this past May. Together with content from my various nutrition and food courses taught around Boston (visit the teaching page of my website for more info on that), the themes and topics discussed herein will become the content for my book, also now in progress. (But don’t ask me yet when it will be completed, please.)

Now, writing is great, and I enjoy it a lot, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is perhaps worth ten thousand, no?  I guess it depends on the video, but there aren’t many good examples out there showing people how to translate good nutrition into delicious meals. Don’t make me play the Harvard card, please, but the fact is that there’s a lot of crap out there – blogs, videos, tv, books – and legit voices are needed to help people navigate the tricky terrain of food and health. And, given so many people don’t know how let alone what to cook seems even more reason to bring together my skills in theater, science, and cooking through video blogging in a way that few others can.

There you have it.  My hopes, dreams, and aspirations, laid out for all to see.  I feel the need to end with some pithy quote but nothing is coming to mind other than the age-old adages of “Just Do It!” and “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal.” (Be advised: This blog will contain many a theatre reference.) Or, how about “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”?  Trite, I know, but they really are true, and with a change in seasons comes yet another chance to reapproach our dreams with renewed enthusiasm.  Oh, and I’m also giving myself a pep talk here, given everything I’m writing about today I had actually hoped to begin this past June.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one perpetually behind on life’s projects!)

So. If you want to learn more about great food – including what to make, how to make it, and why it matters for your own health as well as the sustainability of this beautiful planet we share – please do sign up to keep in touch. (You can do so right from this page, on the upper right hand corner.)  I plan to post at least weekly, and I promise you will be both educated and entertained. You may even salivate. I already have one video in the works featuring a six-course Mexican fiesta complete with watermelon martinis, ceviche, fajitas, tortilla soup, peach salsa, summer berry sangria, upside down plum cake, and more.  Yes, healthy Mexican food is possible, and when it’s prepared with farm-market-fresh produce and enjoyed with good friends and great drinks, there’s no better way to celebrate … anything.

Hungry yet? Want the recipe for my watermelon margarita martini (begging the use of the word margatini but I’m just not going there)? Did I mention it was made with fresh watermelon purée and homemade sour mix? And did you read my post about the strawberry bourbon lemonade in the meantime? You can see that I enjoy featuring farm-fresh local produce in luscious libations as well as fabulous food. (I’m holding a watermelon martini in this picture.)

Keep in touch. Sign up to receive email notice when I post something new, and join me in embarking on this new chapter of my life. You may even become inspired to get into the kitchen and start your own culinary journey.  At the very least, you’ll learn more about what to order when you go out or order in … and why it matters.

Photo by Bronwen Houck Photography.

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