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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a Foodie Does for Love of Art and Science

Do you know how many cold dinners I’ve served in my quest to get great photos for my blog? Or how much of a complete douche idiot I feel like for pulling out my camera in a restaurant? But good food porn photography takes time and patience, people, it doesn’t happen on its own. You do it, do what it takes.

Whether you enjoy taking food photos yourself, mock such people relentlessly (or, er, your wife) for their poor restaurant manners, or just have a wicked sense of humor, watch this video. Watch it NOW. Because when food porn photography meets retro rap, it’s nothing less than legen – wait for it – dary.

Thank you, American Hipster, for turning an otherwise mundane Thursday into day Awesome. It’s not often my passions for food, music, theatre, and comedy come together so brilliantly. Now, if I could just bring in the science and cooking pieces… hmmm… I do know a bunch of rappers…

Challenge accepted.

On Language

Apologies if my colorful language today has offended you. This particular post veers a bit from my otherwise-utterly-professional personae that is my usual voice on this blog. (Well, mostly professional. Kind of professional. Let’s not split hairs, shall we?) But I know enough of my readers will appreciate this video such that I truly couldn’t resist. If today’s post pushes your limits and sensibilities, stay with me, I humbly request. I’ll soon return to squash soup.

Minus the rap.

Minus the awesome.

See now why I needed to post this?


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