Hot Cereal. Oatmeal. Porridge. Whatever You Call It. (Recipe)

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Easy-as-can-be hot cereal comes with many names—porridge, oatmeal, other things. Whatever it’s called, it’s stove to table in less than 5 minutes, and oh-so-healthy.

I’ve written about oatmeal so many times, but not recently. And I was inspired to do so again given the chilly weather here in New England. (Though I eat oatmeal year round, truth be told.) I even have a an old-school cooking video back from when I used to do that kind of thing.

Recent years have seen my hot cereal “recipe” go up a notch, though, as I toss in goodies that add texture, flavor, and nutrients galore. And the best thing? No recipe, no specific ingredients, just wing it, tweak the tastes, add or omit from my suggestions as you wish.

My only ask is that you think about including hot cereal into your breakfast repertoire (though I actually ate it for dinner regularly in college, so that also works). It really is a delicious and nutritious powerhouse, and much needed especially during the holiday season with constant opportunities for indulgence. (Here’s a little holiday help to avoid weight gain.)

Porridge, the PK Way

Ingredients. Any combination of whole grains (rolled oats, quinoa flakes, barley flakes) and seeds (flax, chia, hemp). I also like some Ezekiel 4:9 cereal nuggets in there, too. In all, ~1 cup or more grains and ~1 teaspooon each for seeds. Pinch of salt. Pinch of cinnamon. Include a tablespoon of raisins, nuts, or other dried fruit at will. And, for a coconutty treat, add a couple of teaspoons of coconut cream.

Directions. Watch the video if you like. Otherwise, just throw everything into a small pot with enough water to cover the mixture (~1 1/2 cups) stir, and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer about 5 minutes, until viscous. Remove from heat and let sit an additional two minutes; it will further thicken. No problem to add more water (or milk) to thin out, if you wish.) I often add a splash of non-dairy milk at the end for additional creaminess.

Comfort and joy indeed.

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