Five Salsas for Cinco de Mayo (May Include Guacamole)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Salsa Fresca| PKWayCinco de Mayo is around the corner, which means it’s time to grab some salsa and margaritas—do you prefer watermelon or strawberry?—and have some delicious fun. There’s an amazing array of fruits and vegetables that can be used to make salsa, from traditional tomato-only to completely tomato-less. That means there’s a salsa to suit every palate and every occasion, any time of year. Below are five of my go-to salsas: salsa fresca with sungold cherry tomatoes, peach salsa (video), salsa verde, roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa, and mango salsa. And I’ve included the classic tomato version (Pico de Gallo, aka “rooster’s beak”) too to get the salsa party started. Whichever is your favorite, all of them are super easy to make, not to mention colorful, tasty, and nutritious.

Oh, and you saw that I also included guacamole, which obviously isn’t salsa but because, well, guacamole. You should definitely try your hand at making guac, if nothing else, which takes only five minutes and my easy cooking video shows you how.

Wondering what to do with all these glorious salsas? Thanks for asking! Check out this round-up of my favorite Mexican dishes, including tacos of all kinds, salads, and many other dishes to take your fiesta to a whole new level.


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