Orange-Scented Butter Cookies with Pistachios and Cranberries

Monday, December 31, 2012

Pistachio Cranberry Butter Cookies

Christmas may be technically over, but no doubt you, too, are still munching on some holiday goodies. I pared down my usual cookie repertoire this year, as my mom does most of the baking these days, but I made a few different kinds that I’d love to share with you. (You already have the recipe for my triple chocolate biscotti with cherries, pecans, and white chocolate drizzle.) It is the holidays, after all, and my readers seem to enjoy my baking posts. Maybe you’re not used to it from a nutritionist?

Moderation, my friends. Moderation. Love it. Live it.

Anyway, this was a new recipe I tried after I tasting one at the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cookie swap a few weeks back. (Check out the photo montage if you haven’t yet seen the thousands of cookies!) An “ice box” cookie—I used this recipe—you make the dough, shape it into a log, then cut and bake. Super easy. I split the dough in half to make two different kinds. (My next post will show you the other variant.) I do suggest rolling the dough into a much smaller diameter than indicated: you know I always make sweets mini. Indeed, that’s part of why the “moderation” philosophy towards easting works!

These cookies were just delightful. Lighter than an actual butter cookie (meaning, there’s less butter), they were perfect with tea. Or breakfast. I splurged on buying some expensive Demerara sugar, which has a coarser flake and golden hue that provided additional flavor and texture. Together, the glittering sugar, red cranberries, and green pistachios made this such a pretty, festive cookie, which I simply cut into circles.

And, nope, I didn’t use whole wheat flour in this recipe. There are times for refined flour in baking, and this was one of them, in my view.

Just one more reason to make it mini.

Happy Holidays!

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