Triple Chocolate Biscotti with Cherries, Pecans, and White Chocolate Drizzle

Friday, December 21, 2012

This is a recipe for a variation on the first kind I made, which included chocolate chunks and walnuts. The complete recipe for that is here, and this story shows how to make them mini.

I had the honor of attending two cookie swaps this season, one with the Culinary Guild of New England and one with the Boston Food Swap to raise money for pediatric cancer research. For both events, I made chocolate biscotti, one of my favorite holiday cookies due to their deep chocolaty flavor and chunks of nuts and fruit. Delicious, crunchy, and lower in calories than many other cookies (incidentally), they are a wonderful addition to a Christmas cookie display.

Unfortunately, although “Make it Mini” is my motto, I failed to remember to do so for the first swap: it was a crazy busy Monday and I was following the recipe too quickly, which calls for two logs. I was disappointed I forgot, as I usually modify the recipe to make three logs, as I’m showing you today. At least in preparing this recipe twice I was able to make a variant that substituted pecans for walnuts, added dried cherries, and included semi-sweet chocolate chunks rather than dark chocolate. Then, for a festive touch, I added a white chocolate drizzle. Lovely!

To make my mini biscotti, follow the recipe here and look at the photos below to provide evidence and encouragement to make the “mini” version. I’m adding these pictures because otherwise you will undoubtedly say to yourself “These cookies are tiny!” while making them at home. But do not fret, my cookie-baking friends, as they rise quite a lot while baking. Check it out.

The Evidence and Final Results

Three logs, pre-baking (approximately 1.5-1.75 inches wide and 17 inches long)

Three logs, post-baking (approximately 2.25-2.50 inches wide and 19 inches long) (Adjust baking time to about 15-17 minutes or so, until firm to the touch but not hard.)


Honestly, I myself continue to be amazed at just how much these cookies rise every time I make them. And, with three logs rather than two, this recipe yielded around 65 cookies, making plenty to share and swap.

Delightful as is, or adorn with white chocolate; dark is also fabulous. Either way, you’ll wow your guests with your mad biscotti-baking skills.



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