French Toast Tuesday | French Toast with Apple Compote

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who makes French toast on a Tuesday? Seriously, Dr. Newby, do you even work?

Moderation, people, moderation. It’s the key to a happy life and a healthy weight.

It’s a fair question, I guess. But the answer is, yes, yes, I do (work, that is). A lot, in fact. But I have the privilege of working for myself, from the comforts of my gorgeous home office. (I just redecorated is what that comment is about.) And, er, I’m a food writer, so, well, occupational hazard, really.

All that said, I grant you that French toast on a Tuesday seems a little much. Nonetheless, ’twas a confluence of events that led me to this fall-flavored meal: a) I’m teaching tonight, which means I won’t eat until around 9 or 10pm; b) I’m walking to class (4.25 miles); c) I’ll balance this high calorie brunch with a lighter dinner (I already know I’m having a big salad and corn on the cob—and I can’t wait); d) I bought a fabulous loaf of whole grain bread from the bakery over the weekend; and e) I had a few crisp autumn apples just waiting to be sautéed into a tasty compote.

So, you see, I found it rather reasonable. The picture is not nearly as pretty as my blueberry or raspberry pancakes, grant you, but this is what happens when you have brown bread with brown syrup and a brown apple compote. No matter: I decided to post it anyway, because it was a scrumptious treat.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get waking before it rains. I also need to wash my hands, as I may have just dragged my fingers across the plate to scrape up the extra syrup.

Hey, don’t judge me. I refrained from licking the plate.


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