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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If you’re looking for inspiration in any area of your life, look no further than Team Hoyt, the magnificent father-son duo, unrivaled by anything you’ve ever seen. You must watch the video!

Team HoytAs my regular readers know, I am currently training for the Boston Marathon. The long winter is finally over and only a few short days remain before the big event on Monday, April 15. I am still working arduously to raise money to help fight cancer; I’m currently at $8,827 and plan to reach $10K in time for race day. (Want to help? I’d be ever so grateful. More here.)

The main thing happening this week, however, is the mental process to gear up psychologically for the race. This takes many shapes and forms and is different for each person. For me, in addition to visualization and meditation, I also have a number of special things planned for the upcoming weekend. It will begin with seeing Jesus Christ Superstar on Friday night. (For more on my theater world, click here.) Saturday and Sunday will include various race-related activities like bib number pick-up and taking in the high-energy scene in downtown Boston, brimming with tens of thousands of athletes. There’s also a wonderful “Blessing of the Athletes” service at Old South Church that I’ll be attending. And of course I’ll be carb-loading to prime my body, including making up a big batch of pasta sauce, roasted cauliflower soup, and perhaps another loaf of Irish brown bread.

My 7-days-left journey continues today with a visit to Team Hoyt. Before I began running marathons, I enjoyed the race from the sidelines, always hoping to catch a glimpse of this remarkable father-son team. I encourage you take a few minutes to watch the following video, which provides endless inspiration, whatever you imagine.

Whether you affiliate with Christianity or not, the stunning story of Team Hoyt speaks for itself.

And as for me? I am indeed blessed to enjoy the good health needed to run the marathon. I am also honored to raise critical funds for much-needed cancer research that truly makes a difference in patients’ lives and the quest for a cure.

And I am deeply, deeply humbled to share the course with Dick and Rick Hoyt.

What else possibly is there left to say?

“Anybody can do just about anything … We are capable of greater than we realize.”

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