Celebrating Love: On Chocolate, Running, and Life

Friday, February 15, 2013

On yesterday’s Valentine’s Day, I kept wondering to myself: should I write about chocolate or running? Chocolate is the obvious choice, to be true to the sentiments of the day. And it just so happens that I have a glorious chocolate cake filled with mocha buttercream, iced with chocolate genoise, and drizzled with white chocolate I’ve been meaning to tell you about. (The photo does not do it justice, I can assure you, as you can’t see the to-die-for luscious buttercream oozing from its center.)

Another time.

You see, while chocolate, roses, and poetry are nice and all, I simply had other things on my mind. And, as it turns out, by the time I did everything else I needed to do yesterday, like work, a medium run in the gym, strength training, and a dinner date with my husband … well, not so much time for the writing.

So now it’s February 15, yet the sentiments remain. And why choose? I can titillate you with chocolate, as I hope I’ve already done, but the fact is that a major focus of my Valentine’s Day, and almost every day now nine weeks into marathon training, is running to raise money for cancer research.

I’ll thus set aside my usual levity and what I hope is cleverness in today’s post as I invite you, my dear readers, to consider joining with me in the ultimate gift of love: making a charitable donation to support science that truly saves lives. Click here to  visit my official Boston Marathon page and make a donation online—and sincerest thanks to those who have already given. Check out everything Dana-Farber is doing below, and you’ll see how your gift will make a difference in the lives of people with cancer.

BlizzardRunOh, and remember last week’s blizzard?

Yeah, I ran in that. That’s me, sopping wet and rehydrating following a 12-mile run on Boston’s hills through snow and 25 mph winds.



For those who want to run, but can’t, whether because their health doesn’t allow it or because they lost the battle with cancer after fighting the hardest they could.

And I am blessed.

To live.

To run.

To love.



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