Getting Creative: Modern Chopped Salad in Purple and Green

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I mentioned last week that a crunchy chopped salad is a terrific way to add more veggies to your diet and a nice departure from the familiar lettuce-based salad. For more info on this topic, click here (for a winter version) or here (for a summer version) because this post is little more than a picture to provide further inspiration and share more chopped salad love.

Today’s story is simple, and not terribly uncommon: I had just returned from a trip and was craving my own vegetables and salads. My refrigerator, however, was frighteningly bare: all I could scrounge up was purple cabbage, red onion, parsley, and a jar of pimento-stuffed green olives. I also had some purple-speckled annelino beans I had procured from the local market while out of town (photo at the bottom of this post). Sound like an odd combination? I agree, and, yet, that’s what I had. But guess what? It was wonderful! And it’s really rather pretty with its various shades of purple and green.

Who knew purple cabbage would play together so nicely with olives and pole beans?

I have no idea whether this particular combination will appeal to you or not, but my point simply is that a chopped salad is a great way to bring together a few ingredients you like in a simple, healthful way. It’s also a fun opportunity to create something new and different each time you make it.

Heirloom Italian curly annelino beans are gorgeous with their purple spots: Yet another fabulous discovery at the local farmers’ market.

You just never know what will work.

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