Post-Holidays+Mid-January=A Return to Salad (Et Al)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mesclun, herbs, arugula, spinach adorned with avocado, tofu, red pepper, purple onions, and sungold cherry tomatoes. Now that's one big winter salad!

One big winter dinner salad: mesclun, arugula, and spinach adorned with avocado, tofu, red pepper, purple onions, and sungold cherry tomatoes. Is 2013 the year for you to start eating salad for dinner? Give it a shot!

Okay, it’s time to not have the home page of my blog be Christmas cookies, for goodness’ sake. I’ve been MIA, I know. First I was in New York for the holidays with my family and then I was on vacation in Puerto Rico with my husband, about which I’ve yet to post (Caribbean bouillabaisse and mojitos, anyone?). For more timely updates from me, please become a fan of my professional page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or check out my boards on Pinterest. Upon my return home on January 6, I was inundated with work, including planning my theater company’s 15th season fundraising gala, which I host. If you’re in the Greater Boston area, come on out for a fabulous night of entertainment featuring our top performers (more info here): I’ll be the one onstage in a gown, and I may even sing a bar or two…

Now, as wonderful as being on vacation is, and as much as I enjoy sampling global cuisine, I really miss cooking while I’m gone. I am particular about what I put into my body, after all—I know, you’re shocked—and between the holidays and Puerto Rico it was harder to get in my “big salad for supper” meal, which as you know I eat at least twice weekly, including in the winter months. Sure, I’ve done a lot of other cooking in the past two weeks as well (Indian food featured prominently), but, boy, do I need my salads. It’s amazing how much better I feel eating a wide mix of veggies, legumes, and protein for a nutrient-packed dinner that leaves me feeling satiated and wonderfully healthy. (Here are some ideas on how to make a big salad your own, or check out my recipes page for some fabulous ideas.) Furthermore, if you’re on the bandwagon to lose weight this year, turning towards a plant-based diet rich in salads is a great way to begin cleaning up your diet.

(A little belated, I know.)

(A little belated, I know.)

So there you have it. Back to Boston. Back to winter. Back to salads. Back to theater. Back to writing. Back to intensive marathon training (just completed week six of eighteen). Back to tweeting and facebooking. Back to business plan development and moving forward.

(Think: weekly show on YouTube with The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen. Of interest, I hope?)

Time for 2013 to begin.

Happy New Year!


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