Roasting Pumpkins: I’m Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! (Video)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sugar Pumpkin and Roasted SeedsWant to skip all this and just learn how to toast the seeds? Click here.

Given it’s just the first week in December, yesterday’s holiday cookie recipe for dark chocolate biscotti really was an anomaly. That’s because I have a number of posts dedicated to fall cooking and baking still in the works, and three of them begin with fresh sugar pumpkins. Therefore, today I am posting a brief video showing you how to roast this delicious member of the squash family, whose succulent orange flesh can be used in both sweet and savory cooking.

Never roasted a pumpkin? It’s rather easy, assuming you can actually get a knife through the pumpkin without stabbing yourself, fit it into the oven, and so forth…

Cooking Notes. Do note if you try this at home—and you should—that I overcooked these pumpkins a bit. Perhaps I was “doing something else” for too long? Well, actually, it’s just that they roasted in a shorter time than I anticipated: cooking time varies depending on the thickness of the shell, so check them after 20 minutes and go from there. They were still quite moist so it wasn’t a problem, they just didn’t need nearly that much time.

Video Notes. The video ends a bit abruptly, I apologize, as this particular activity was extricated from a much longer set chronicling three dishes over the course of many hours. (My husband videographer is a saint.) As well, the changes in lighting during this time frame made for some precarious shots. (Blah, blah, blah…) I set my ego aside, however, and decided to go ahead and share it with you in the hopes it makes you smile; I trust at least a few of you got the “I’m gonna need a bigger boat!” reference.

Really, come to think of it, it feels like it was I who was roasted.

By two clever little pumpkins.

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