Confection Confession: A Trio of Truffles

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This nutrition scientist-slash-foodie is all about moderation. Yup, I mainly write about salads, soups, savory vegetable-based dishes, and seafood, which comprise my usual diet. Sweets certainly enter the picture once in a while, however. Especially when I’m on vacation and sampling the local fare, whether farmers’ market goodies or restaurant creations.

It is for this reason that I could not resist ordering the trio of truffles at our final lunch in Chicago at Flight 1551. Sure, you’re thinking, they’re small, you’re on vacation, and dark chocolate even has some health benefits. Well, thank you for that. But, you see, this was in addition to the platter of mini donuts we also ordered. Check it out: white chocolate with candied orange peel; semisweet chocolate with smoked cashews; and dark chocolate with espresso ganache.

  • (Yes, I was so enthralled by this little plate of heaven that I took multiple pictures. Rather gratuitous, some might say. They’re different angles, though, you see – can’t you tell? For goodness’ sakes, man, eat it, don’t tweet it!  Seriously!)

The dark chocolate with its silky espresso ganache was my favorite by far. Divine. While I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate, that round bite of goodness was really quite tasty, the zesty citrus a wonderful match to the smooth white chocolate. (The blue confectioners sugar coating notwithstanding.) And there’s certainly nothing not to like about semisweet chocolate, complemented perfectly by the crunch and smoke of the cashews.

In general, I’d say that splitting a plate of truffles is a great way to go for dessert if you like chocolate. A small sweet treat to finish off a meal.

Unless you’ve already eaten a platter of donuts, that is.

Which is in part what led to the long walk along the Chicago lakefront.

And my subsequent back re-injury.

(Crap! I said I wouldn’t get into that again.)

Perhaps now you better understand why I try not to keep sweets around the house to help maintain energy balance.

Furthermore, apparently excess sweet consumption doesn’t just contribute to weight gain, it also indirectly leads to back injuries.

Who knew?


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