More Urban Farmers’ Markets: Getting Local in Chicago

Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, I do more than *just* shop at farmers’ markets when I travel. The art and architecture in Chicago is nothing less than stunning.

We all know I love to write about farmers’ markets, whether on my various trips around the world or at home. A few posts of this ilk include Borough’s Market in London and its special Apple Day celebration with the Queen; Union Square Greenmarket in New York City; Copley Square market in Boston (one of my regular markets); and the Cambridge winter farmers’ market. (Cambridge, Massachusetts, that is, UK readers.) Perhaps at some point I’ll dig through my non-digital photos to share more images from Paris, Bangkok, Sydney, and others…

In the meantime, today’s post is a photo blog with a few pictures from two different famers’ markets in Chicago. A massive metropolis, there’s many a market around. The first was blessedly close to our hotel in a city parking lot – much akin to my own neighborhood market here in Brookline Massachusetts. The other, Chicago Greencity Market, was in lovely Lincoln Park. (Where we later enjoyed donuts and truffles at a lovely wine bar in Old Town, incidentally – another opportunity to remind you yet again that I’m a moderate.)

I hope these photos inspire you to check out your own local market as the summer’s seasonal bounty slowly begins. And if you don’t have a market near you, grab your veggies and fruits wherever you can find ’em & take this opportunity to shape up your diet by incorporating more plants into your day, whether by increasing your consumption of salads or cooking deletable dishes brimming with amazing summer produce. (Search my blog contents and the internet for many a tasty idea.) Most of us don’t get nearly enough, and they are fundamental to health.

Check it out. Aren’t they gorgeous?

A true spring delight, the strawberry and asparagus seasons are short. Enjoy them while they’re at their finest! And forget those extra large strawberries at the supermarket if you can – absolutely no comparison to local, which are naturally smaller and so much tastier. And give purple asparagus a shot, too! Even more nutrients there!

So adorable! Tasty, too.

I love love love beets, and they come in more colors than just purple. Is it time for you to give them a shot this summer? I have lots of wonderful recipes coming …

Not everything is in season, but thanks to hydroponic growers we can still enjoy the diversity and nutrition of lots of local vegetables throughout the year…

… like colorful red and yellow peppers. Yum!

Onions are a fundamental ingredient to almost everything I cook. And sweet spring onions are a special treat indeed! (Pay no attention to the styrofoam cup in the background. Ick.)

Gorgeous peonies, another spring treat, with their glorious scent and magnificent beauty. Not for eating, though. Some flowers are edible; these aren’t. Also note the bright red cherries and the non-pastic shopping bag in the background! Yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.

English peas are another spring favorite. Shelling for some is a chore; to me it’s a Zen-like activity that brings me joy and peace.

A new discovery, this Midwest saskatoon sighting had its very own post, as I’d never seen one before. Are you familiar with this tasty berry?

Now, while we’re on the subject, I need to make my way slowly to my own market before it closes at dusk. I simply must replenish my almost-barren refrigerator for weekend cooking, my very favorite activity. I’m so excited to see what goodies await!

And, with a little luck and a bit more rest, I’ll be sharing more tasty recipes via writing and video very, very soon.


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