Tomato Sauce to Soup: From Fresh or Canned, It’s Always Awesome (Video)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This post was updated on 23 August 2013 once I had a new and (much) improved video of how to make tomato soup here. The text is still spot-on, so I hope you go ahead and read it, and the short intro video remains here just for fun.

Tomato Soup with Goat CheeseMorphing leftovers into something new is one of the creative challenges I love about cooking. After all, who’s got time to cook every day? Not me. A big batch of tomato sauce goes a long way in making some scrumptious meals, like today’s sublime herb-infused tomato soup.

I will confess that tomato soup was never one of my favorites growing up as a kid, but I fell in love one day when making up a big pot from glorious summer tomatoes.

This soup built upon the fresh tomato sauce base I had made earlier in the week (text only version here, how-to video here). This recipe goes from sauce to soup in less than ten minutes—and don’t forget to read more about why soup is so good for you. Paired with a salad, this soup is a meal on its own, believe me.

And what to do when it’s not summer, you ask? No worries at all, because a combination of canned crushed and diced tomatoes also works quite nicely when our favorite summer fruits-cum-vegetables aren’t in season. You could start with a winter’s version of tomato sauce, like this recipe. Or, just sauté a slew of onions and garlic with canned tomatoes with a bunch of fresh basil and follow the same instructions. (I’ve done it that way as well.)  And if you’re newer to cooking, go easy on yourself: start with your favorite high-quality store-bought sauce (no- or low-sodium); it’ll still be way tastier and healthier than most supermarket soups on the shelves.

First, a short introductory video (c. 2011).

[wpvideo ZFdNtzYh]

And now, for a a play-by-play transformation from tomato sauce to tomato soup, click here. It’s like magic! Well, not really. More like cooking. But it’s magical in its own way.

This soup is divine. I haven’t made it in a while and I actually could not believe how heavenly it tasted. Although it really requires no garnish, I served it with a sprinkle of fresh herbs to brighten the flavors. The second night I ate it—I’m all about leftovers—I had the idea of embellishing it with a little Mediterranean herb-encrusted chèvre and a drizzle of olive oil, as pictured. WOW. All I could think about was Emeril Lagasse and his whole “kicking  it up a notch.” Seriously. If you love goat cheese and olive oil as much as I, you should try the soup this way as well.

Necessary? Absolutely not.

Just: Crazy good.



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