Edible Art: Cauliflower in Three Colors

Friday, March 15, 2013

Make no mistake: I am as shocked as you that cauliflower comes in purple. I had seen the orange version featured in today’s post a few times as well as the romanescu variant (the light green cauliflower-broccoli hybrid pictured here and highlighted in a salad here). But purple? One of my favorite vegetables now comes in my favorite color?!

Well, that’s just awesome.

And when the glorious colors that nature has provided are combined simply and beautifully and framed by tender green lettuces, this dish needs nothing but roasting to show it all off. I discussed the details of roasting cauliflower in my post yesterday but am nonetheless providing the recap again here in photos only to provide further cauliflower inspiration. Plus, I smile in delight every time I look at the these three beauties together. (Note: there was no roman left that day, otherwise it would be all four colors: purple, white, orange, and green. Next year.)

Before roasting.

And after. (Note the deeper hue of the purple florets.)

And now plated, in sunlight and shadows.

Dear readers, please forgive my posting what is, I imagine, little more than food art. I’ve only seen purple cauliflower once in my life and unless you have both access to farmers’ markets and a goodly amount of luck, I fear you will not be able to find it. But do not fret, as this easy yet elegant preparation of cauliflower will be just as tasty in white—which is how I usually eat it, too.

Just, you know, not as pretty.

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