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"The Nutrition Doctor" P.K. Newby sorts food fact from fiction and nutrition science from nonsense when it comes to what we eat and why it matters, answering “need to know” questions related to all things food, from farm to fork. Nutrition confusion ends here.

Media Highlights with The Nutrition Doctor

Nutrition isn't confusing, if you know where to look and who to trust.

On this page are links to a few media highlights, including my favorite "Newby talks", television spots, articles, cooking demos, podcasts, and op-eds. To take your event to the next level of awesome, visit Worldwide Speakers Group to learn about the kinds of talks I give and inquire about availability. Or contact me directly for other opportunities on camera and off. A few recent highlights follow.

"Confused about what to eat? Science can help." | The Conversation, 7/5/19 (op-ed)

Food Evolution: The Final Frontier | Seeds and Chips; Milan, Italy, 5/8/19 (talk)

"The Ice Queen Cometh: Women Must Rise Up to End Gender Discrimination." | Harvard Crimson, 4/17/18 (op-ed)

Sci-Fi Food (with Chewbacca!) | Museum of Science; Boston, Massachusetts, 5/4/19 (talk)

Produce Matters: Why Eating More Plants is Key to Health | SXSW; Austin, Texas, 3/8/19 (talk)

"A Deep Crisis of Faith." | Times Higher Education, 3/7/19 (op-ed)

"So long, veganuary: here's how to consume consciously year round." | New Scientist, 1/30/19 (op-ed)

News Center Maine | Portland, Maine, 1/28/19 (television interview)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! | New York, New York, 1/10/19 (satire cameo)

AM Northwest KATU | Portland, Oregon, 1/9/19 (television interview)

Afternoon Live KATU | Portland, Oregon, 1/9/19 (television interview)

Living Lab on NPR | Boston, Massachusetts, 1/7/19 (radio interview)

"The Ice Queen Cometh: Women Must Rise Up to End Gender Discrimination." | Harvard Crimson, 4/17/18 (op-ed)

Plant-based Diets: Healthy & Sustainable [Cooking Demo]

In 2012 I did a cooking demo at the Boston Local Food Festival, an event focused on the vibrant food scene here in Beantown. In this video, taped live on location, I create a luscious autumn harvest salad starring roasted butternut squash, rosemary onions, and cranberries. Watch this cooking demo , and learn how healthy eating should really look, and taste!

Get Science Savvy: 6 Steps to Sort Nutrition Fact from Fiction [Article]

Are you confused about what to eat when it comes to health? Do you want to lose weight but don’t know where to look, or what to believe? Does it seem like nutritionists are always changing their minds? Then it might be time to rethink your newsfeed. Check outmy six steps to help you sort food fact from nutrition nonsense over at Zester Daily and learn how to focus on what really matters when it comes to diet.

How We Eat: Past, Present, and Future [Newby Talk]

Will we all be eating "soylent green" in the future of an over-populated, under-nourished world we've all but obliterated? Watch this video where I reflect on the past, ponder the present, and glimpse the future of food in my Science on Screen presentation at the Coolidge Corner Theater to introduce the 1973 cult dystopian classic Soylent Green.

Does Eating Local Make a Difference? [Article]

I am a farmers market fiend, and you can find me prowling around various markets virtually all year long. While the ability to “eat local” is glorious for a gastronome, and there are many wonderful things doing so supports, there's also a lot of hooey out there: farmers market fiction is as copious as the produce, folklore fueled by junk science. Ignore these five myths to make the most informed choices for your health and our planet.

GMO: What Does the Science Show? [Article]

When it comes to genetic engineering, there's a lot of misinformation and anti-science that dominate the media---and likely your newsfeed. But do you really know about the science? You can check out the three-part series on my blog. Or pop over to Wallet Hubfor a round-up of expert opinions on the matter, including my own.

Is Breakfast Really All Important? [Podcast]

Wondering if you really need to eat breakfast for weight loss? And where did breakfast even come from, anyway? Listen to my interview on Gastropod to learn more about the science, history, and myths surrounding the first meal of the day. And make sure to get the recipe for shakshuka (i.e., poached "eggs in purgatory" with fiery tomato sauce) that I made for the interview.

Going Gluten Free? Read This First [Article]

High carb? Low carb? No carb? Gluten has been the dietary villain du jour for quite some time. But what does the science say? And what is gluten, anyway? I've written an article on the whole grain truth on my blog, and also did a brief piece on gluten-free and paleo diets. For the latest on whether you should go gluten-free even if you don't have celiac disease, pop over to VeryWell to learn more.

Which Diet Detox is Right for You? [Article]

I’m betting you already know what the basics of a healthy diet (still) are, but what’s the remedy for restoring your health after overindulgence, especially if you're trying to jump start a new weight loss regimen? You might need to begin with a detox, yes, but it's not what you're thinking. Forget fancy machines and see what I'm talking about over at Zester Daily to help get your diet back into shape.

Five Ways to Make Planet-Friendly Food Choices [Interview]

You’re likely already using reusable totes at the grocery store, but you probably could be filling those bags with more eco-friendly food choices. In this article at Fine Line, you'll learn my top five tips for making sustainable food choices that protect our planet. And the great news is that these very same choices are great for your own health, too.

PK’s Top Five Picks for (Mostly) Local Autumn Eats [TV]

Nothing better than the autumn harvest here in New England! Watch me talk about cruciferous vegetables, winter squash, apples, oysters, and walnuts and why they're so terrifically nutritious—and planet-friendly, too—on FOX Boston.

Is it Okay to Eat…? [Interview]

I get a lot of emails from journalists asking me to comment on all kinds of things. I'm including this one here, just for, er, fun. Paleo? No. Gluten-free? No. This time I was asked "Is it okay to eat your own poop?" Apparently this is what people want to know—and you can find my answer on Gawker here . (Hint: I prefer fruit and veggies.)

Happy Food Day! (It’s a Thing) [Op-ed]

What, you didn't know Food Day was a holiday in October? No matter, because you should celebrate healthy and sustainable every day, all year long. To learn more about why what you eat matters, farm to fork— and why nutrition's not just about you—read my op ed at Zester Daily. Move over, Halloween, Food Day is here! (Costumes optional.)

Beyond the Ivory Tower: 21st Century Nutrition [Newby Talk]

In 2015, Harvard hosted its first ever Food+ Symposium. I joined 20 other colleagues at the university to discuss my research in only ten minutes. Click here to watch a quick overview of the kind of research I do (hint: diet and chronic disease) and how I work to translate what we know about nutritious, sustainable eating to help create a healthier population and planet.

Eco-Conscious Eating: It’s Complicated [Interview]

As if making the best choices for your body weren't hard enough! Read this interview, where I address the environmental aspects of food production, from carbon footprint to water footprint to land use, and why it matters. Featured foods include berries, nuts, and beef.

The PK Way: Six Steps to Healthier Eating [Ebook]

I wrote Six Steps to Healthier Eating in my role as part of the Science Advisory Board of Virgin Pulse. In the ebook, I describe my top tips for eating nutritiously in the workplace—and beyond. Download it for free here. (Created for Virgin Pulse)

Prescribing Good Food for Better Health [Interview]

Wondering what Cooking & Eating the PK Way is all about? Learn about my healthy hedonism philosophy and why I do what I do in my interview with Food Tank , an organization focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. Of course, you can just poke around my own website now that you're here. Or read Food Tank's interview with me here.

What is the Future of Food? [Article]

In 2003, I wrote an article envisioning a future of food based on the intersection of science and technology, taste and consumerism, from farm to fork, production to consumption. Will everything be genetically modified? Will we replicate food digitally, like the space crew in 24th century Star Trek? Or will we all be cooking local food we've grown in our own gardens? Read this article to find out!


I cooked my heart out for the extraordinary Nigella Lawson (aka, the Domestic Goddess) in the search for America's "best undiscovered cook" on ABC's 2015 season of The Taste. You can now download episodes here. (I'm in episodes 1 through 4 and am especially prominent in episode 4.)

PK Newby on The Taste
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