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"The Nutrition Doctor" P.K. Newby sorts food fact from fiction and nutrition science from nonsense when it comes to what we eat and why it matters, answering “need to know” questions related to all things food, from farm to fork. Nutrition confusion ends here.

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Talks & Presentations

Food Evolution: The Final Frontier | Seeds & Chips, Milan, Italy, 5/8/19

Sci-Fi Food (with Chewbacca!) | Museum of Science, Boston MA 5/4/19

Produce Matters: Why Eating More Plants is Key to Health | SXSW, Austin TX, 3/8/19

Is the Future of Food Soylent Green? | National Science on Screen Foundation, Boston MA, 10/8/15

Nutrition Science and Communication in the 21st Century | Food+ Symposium, Harvard University, 02/3/15

Cooking & Eating the PK Way | Boston Local Food Festival, 10/14/2014


The Power of Vegetables | KATU Afternoon Live, 08/07/19

Diet and Climate Change: Plant-Based Meat | NBC and Telemundo, 2019 (excerpt)

Why is Nutrition So Confusing? | KATU Afternoon Live, 1/9/19

Food & Nutrition: What Everyone Needs to Know | KATU Morning Show, 1/9/19

Talking Food, Nutrition, and Sustainability | News Center Maine 1/28/19

I Love Black C***! | Jimmy Kimmel Live! cameo, 1/10/19

The Benefits of Plant-Based Diets | KATU Morning Show, 08/07/19


I cooked my heart out for the extraordinary Nigella Lawson (aka, the Domestic Goddess) in the search for America's "best undiscovered cook" on ABC's 2015 season of The Taste. You can now download episodes here. (I'm in episodes 1 through 4 and am especially prominent in episode 4.)

PK Newby on The Taste
“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” - J.R.R. Tolken

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